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This guy can't even put the food in the fridge, let alone satisfy his sex-hungry girlfriend properly, but there is a way to solve these problems. Some rich dude the young couple met on a dating site is willing to pay 2000 for fucking this teeny right in front of her boyfriend. You think they declined his dirty offer? Yeah, right! For 2 grand this slut sucked his cock like a pro and her honey watched her get fucked to orgasm right in the kitchen.
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This bitch should have thought twice before asking for a golden necklace cuz there's only one way she can get one really fast. Some rich dude she met on Facebook offered to fuck her for cash and when her boyfriend saw the message he jumped on the opportunity. He can be jealous and stuff watching her take it from a total stranger, but the money that guy pays for fucking such a hottie will be more than enough to buy the jewelry his gf asked for.

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Being in a relationship Lucie needs only two things to feel happy - money and good sex. Her boyfriend doesn't make enough and is always too tired to fuck her good, so the young couple decides to try something new and unusual to solve both problems at once. They meet a guy on a dating site and offer him to fuck Lucie for cash which he does with great pleasure making the lucky gal absolutely happy and her boyfriend extremely jealous.
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This guy is ready to give his girlfriend everything he has, but he can't give her two things she wants most. He knows she wants those and he knows she wants to have sex with a total stranger, so he makes both of her wishes come true together. It's just for the money, but you can tell she enjoys it too.
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